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 [CSR] Application

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PostSubject: [CSR] Application    Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:11 pm

Hello my name is Steven Kao and I would like to apply as a CSR.

CSR has always been a dream of mine because I was one on many other servers like Snowfall (which failed). The reason i want to be a CSR is because i have great ideas for this server/community. People would love servers that are nice and fun and have the best staff. My other intentions are to make the server fun and helpful towards the community.

Experience: 3 years with OS; I even played it on closed beta; I've also bounced around as GM for a couple servers while playing others like PIntos, Koushin, Kaduh, etc.

Age: 18

I can play just about everyday for a long time. I'm always helpful and honest to other players in and out of the server.

Thank You for your time.

Steven Kao
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[CSR] Application
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