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PostSubject: GM Application   GM Application I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 06, 2011 1:47 pm

Hey Guys.

i heard you're searchin staff so i thought i will write an application.
I'm german but my english is fine enough to talk with ppl from all over the world... (my friends are callin' me "german-american girl xD) but everyone is makin' mistakes and so do i.. (:
Well, im 19 years old and i'm playing Fiesta since 3 years now.
I got a lot of experience of playing Fiesta~
I love to help ppl and i'm able to learn new things...
And well yeah, i got most of the GM's commands and i'm able to use them. ^^
If u guys want to u could add me on msn for more informations or something else (just pm me).

I'm online as oft as i can (i still need to go to work and got a real life also like everyone in here)
Oh, well my real name is Anke but i just like "Anni" more (that's how my friends are callin' me and you're allowed to call me the same) Very Happy
Anyways back to "topic"~ i'm always trying to find a way out of problems even if i dont know much about something. xD
I'm often like "cmon, Anke you can do it better" and then i'm trying to make it look perfect or professional or just "better" like my application now. ^^

I hope thats enough~ if u guys got more questions just ask me. Smile
I would be very glad if u took me. Very Happy
Regards Kohana
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GM Application
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